Certification of textiles for retail

Certification of textiles for retail

Creation of technical specifications:

We draw up technical criteria according to the specific requirements of the retail industry, establishing the characteristics of materials and the manufacture of clothing and footwear, with the aim of making it easier to communicate with the suppliers.

Verification of samples and technical specifications:

We carry out a comparative analysis between the sample and the requirements outlined in the technical criteria, with the objective of verifying the adherence of the prototypes to the requirements and then generating a certification.

Suitability for use of materials and clothing:

Based on the intended end use of the material, we advise you to subject it to a set of analyses which will determine its performance under the conditions to which it will be exposed during its use.

Batch sampling and in-field technical inspection:

We carry out inspections during the stages of pre-production and technical inspections when the product is finished, complying with standard procedure, with the aim of assuring the quality of the batch of clothing or articles.


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