What is Cal-Tex?


We are a respected quality certification laboratory founded in 1988. Our professional development, experience and quality of service have made us one of the leading businesses in the field of textile, geotextile, leather and footwear certification, recognized for the reliability of the analyses of our laboratories, which are equipped with cutting edge technology.

Cal-Tex’s team of top-level professionals will advise you on the certification of your products and help you reach the highest quality standards.

We are currently working with a variety of industries and public institutions: the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement, mining companies, retail companies, importers and exporters amongst others. This has provided us with detailed knowledge of the needs of different industries in the field of certification and of the levels of quality necessary in an ever more globalized and competitive world.

In Cal-Tex’s laboratories we develop trials and analyses under national and international regulation, closely guarding the work we carry out with the aim of achieving the transparency, confidentiality and reliability that our clients expect from us.

Our team of professionals is lead by:

General Manager.

  • Ricardo Cumsille F.

Technical Manager.

  • Myriam Subiabre B.

Operational Manager.

  • Maria Graciela Cumsille S.